In over 13 years of activity, we have managed to reach high quality standards, progressively improving our business procedure in relation with our transport suppliers.

Our staff is well-trained, can communicate in six foreign languages, managing to almost always cover your goods transport needs and providing you with permanent support in order to address any challenge that may arise during transport as efficiently as possible.

Depending on your transportation needs, we can deal with loads of general goods, dangerous goods, goods with controlled temperatures, both as consolidated consignment transport and full lorry loads. As soon as we know what you need, we will do our best to find the best and most profitable solution for you.

We have always treated our suppliers with respect, paying for their services by the due date or even before. Thus, by the end of 2017, during our 13 years of business, we ended up paying to the carriers over € 46 million for the services provided.

For you, this means:

-     Your access to transport requests of over 1,000 customers

  • The certainty of collecting payment for the services provided at the agreed time (30 days or 15 days respectively, 5 days under the negotiated conditions);

  • Ensuring that our staff will make every effort to meet your requirements and present you with the best option for you;

  • A guarantee that we assume liability along with you, by our CMR insurance of € 1.5 million, facilitating your access to a wider range of goods.