EU.TRA.LOG.REMI is a company with wholly owned Romanian share capital that has been active on the European transport market since 2004. Since its incorporation, we have chosen the field of transport-related services, with the aim of reaching the highest levels, along with successful competitors. In this regard, we have tried to continuously improve our working methods by constantly increasing the quality of our services.

Since 2008, we have understood that, in order to get to the top, we have to comply with a worldwide quality standard, which we started implementing in our company. Over the years, our activity has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2015) quality standard by SRAC, Intertek and Moody International.

In 2013, for the first time, we opted to increase our CMR insurance to the amount of € 1.5 million, thus addressing the concerns relating to the customers with a commitment to provide increased safety and support for any challenge that may arise during the shipments carried out.

Since 2006, we have managed to overcome the performance of the other business line companies in our county in this field, holding, for 11 consecutive years, 1st place in Caraș-Severin County in the ranking made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caraș-Severin. Also, in 2016, we ranked 41st in the national ranking, placing us after most of the business line companies with wholly owned foreign capital. We were 8th in the Western Region ranking of the most successful companies and 6th in the Banat Region.

In 2016, in recognition of our national performance, we were invited and honoured to accept to be part of the Elite Project – ‘ICC Romania National Committee’ by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.



We provide a wide range of services for domestic and international road freight transport. Our services include: transport of general cargo, transport of oversized and special machinery, transport of dangerous goods, transport of goods with controlled temperatures and transport of steel coils in special lorries. In delivery services, we use small-sized motor vehicles that have access to those places that are hard to reach for heavy lorries.

We can provide storage and handling facilities, both for general goods and goods with controlled temperature. We mainly cover the territory of the European Union, but our routes also reach countries like Switzerland, Turkey, Moldova and Serbia. For most shipments, the point of departure or arrival is Romania, but we also provide transport to other destinations. The most frequent routes are from and to Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and Hungary.

For 13 years, we have been an honest and dedicated partner, with an ongoing provision of complete consolidated consignment transport for the distribution of goods in Europe. Being a reliable link between supply and demand on the transport market, we make ourselves available to all stakeholders 24/7.

Experience counts in any field! Start working with us right now and you will be able to benefit from the expertise we have gained over time. You will save time and money and your stress levels will be greatly diminished.